Proper Health Habits Improve Student Wellbeing and Classroom Performance

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Health problems associated with inactivity and poor diet in children have grown exponentially in recent years. One in four kids have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Simple changes in exercise and eating habits can reduce diabetes by 80% and improve health in many other ways.

Healthy students have fewer absences and get better grades in school. Good nutrition, physical activity, and feeling supported in positive health habits are vital to health.

weWellcare provides your students with the materials and support to improve their nutrition, have fun with physical activity, and involve their families in positive health habits.

Call or email us to find out about free resources that will help your students become healthier and happier, and perform better in the classroom.


Nutrition is vital to the health of your students. weWellcare speaks to your kids and shows them how to eat a healthy diet, and how to share what they are learning with their family, so that the entire family is involved in healthy eating. Call or email weWellcare today to schedule a consultation and create a plan that will help keep your students healthy for life.


Exercise activity makes all the difference in the longterm health of your students. Children naturally have fun with physical activity, but with video games and TV becoming the norm, more kids are gaining weight, and becoming less healthy. We encourage kids to engage in fun physical activities with their families whether school is in session or not.

Love & Support

Love and support is at the heart of success in living a healthy lifestyle. weWellcare provides tools to support your students’ health habits, and resources for families that enable parents to work together with their kids to become healthier and happier. Contact weWellcare now to take advantage of free resources to benefit and support your students and their families.