Protect Yourself and Your Family: Simple Changes in Diet and Exercise Habits Can Reduce Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Stroke by 80%

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Health problems associated with inactivity and poor diet have grown exponentially in recent years. Among Americans, 69% are overweight and 36% are obese. One in four kids have diabetes or pre-diabetes.


weWellcare provides you and your family with the materials and support to improve your nutrition, have fun with physical activity, and create a culture in your home to build and maintain positive health habits.

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Nutrition is vital to good health. Families who work together and support one another in a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet tend to be much more successful. weWellcare provides resources for parents and children that show you how to eat a healthy diet, and share what you are learning with your family, so that the entire family is involved in creating a culture of healthy nutrition that will help keep you and your family heathy for life.


Exercise activity makes all the difference in the longterm health of your family. With sit-down employment, TV and video games so commonplace, adults and children are gaining weight, and becoming less healthy. Being active yourself, and involved in physical activity with your kids can go a long way to instilling an active, healthy lifestyle. weWellcare gives you ideas for being active together and creating a culture that supports your health.

Love & Support

Love and support is at the heart of success in living a healthy lifestyle. weWellcare provides tools to support your personal health habits, and resources for families that enable parents to work together with their kids to become healthier and happier. Take advantage of free resources to benefit and support you and your family.