weWellcare Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Who We Are

weWellcare is a publisher of health and wellness information for educational purposes. weWellcare is not a licensed medical provider engaged in the practice of medicine and does not employ medical physicians, physical therapists, dietitians, or other healthcare service providers. weWellcare is not affiliated with any hospital, clinic or other healthcare institution, and does not enter into patient/healthcare practitioner relationships.

What We Do and Don’t Do

weWellcare offers general information about health, nutrition, stress management, and exercises believed to support and maintain a healthy body and cardiovascular system. weWellcare does not give medical advice or opinions on medical conditions, and does not diagnose and treat disease. Information found on this website or in products and services sold by weWellcare should not be taken as medical advice. You should not rely upon information found in the wewellcare.org website as preventive, cure, or medical treatment. Each person is unique and information included on the wewellcare.org website and in products and services sold by weWellcare may not be appropriate for your specific health condition. weWellcare strongly recommends that you consult with a licensed physician who is familiar with your particular situation before using products, services, and information offered by weWellcare.

Content and Currency

Books, systems, products, and information offered and sold by weWellcare are published as of a certain date and may become out-of-date after a period of time. weWellcare recommends that you check for updated information and editions of products to ensure you have the most current materials available.

weWellcare products and services are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose, implied warranties of merchantability, or non-infringement. weWellcare makes no warranties about completeness, accuracy, timeliness or reliability of products, services, materials, website, illustrations, graphics or text. weWellcare does not warrant that its website server and system will operate error-free or free of computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms and is not responsible for costs associated data loss, or equipment replacement or servicing.

Limitations of Liability

weWellcare and its subsidiary and affiliated companies and their respective officers, directors, employees, advisors, licensors, agents, and contributors will not be liable for any harm, injury or death you or others may suffer from use of information, products and services offered by weWellcare. weWellcare will not be held liable for indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or punitive damages related to use of weWellcare products, services or information, or any omissions or errors related thereto. weWellcare maximum liability for any claim is limited to the retail purchase price of the product as of the date of publication of its edition or version. Some states do not allow limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

Your Responsibility

Your health is your responsibility. Your use of the weWellcare website and products and services offered by weWellcare is your choice and will be at your own risk. weWellcare products and materials are not intended to offer all the information you need to maintain a healthy body. Depending on your specific health condition, use of information and products offered by weWellcare may be detrimental to your health. Many medical and alternative courses of action are available that may be equally or more beneficial to you depending on your condition. Exploring all the alternatives and options available is your personal responsibility. weWellcare encourages you to consult with a doctor regarding the efficacy and benefit of the various treatment options available.

The weWellcare website and materials include demonstrations, videos and illustrations of how to perform exercises with balls, elastic bands, or other equipment. You are responsible for the condition and use of these equipment items should you decide to use them. weWellcare does not endorse any particular equipment, and references to products, equipment or publications does not imply endorsement of that product or publication. The content of all advertisements appearing in weWellcare materials and website is the sole responsibility of the company placing the ad. weWellcare does not endorse the reliability or accuracy of advertisement content or of any products connected therewith.