Who We Are


weWellcare is a for-purpose 501(c)(3) organization (EIN: 46-3591014) dedicated to keeping you, your family, your students, and your work team healthy so you can enjoy the highest quality of life together.

Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and obesity have become rampant in our society. Chronic diseases can cut years off your life and the lives of those you love, and result in a lifetime of severely diminished life quality.
Our solution to chronic disease is HealthCircles™, “cultures of health” that help you eat well, have fun with physical activity, and experience the love and support that ensure wellbeing for you and the people you care about – your family, your students, and the folks you work with.
weWellcare offers wellness products, services, and education programs for families, schools, and business; provides preventive health resources and services to hospitals and clinics as a complement to medical care; and performs research that furthers our knowledge of how healthy nutrition, exercise, and supportive environments fight chronic disease and keep us healthy.


How We Serve

Products and Services

weWellcare offers health and wellness products and services to individuals, families, businesses, and medical organizations in nutrition, exercise, weight loss, stress management, spine and joint health, and health risk assessment. Our business wellness programs include executive health screens, BMI and body fat analysis, small particle LDL blood screens, VO2 max testing, RMR tests, and posture and gait analysis. weWellcare’s products, services, and educational programs are offered, in large part, to those that may not otherwise have access to such services, such as the poor, distressed, and underprivileged.

Educational Programs

weWellcare offers group education programs relating to healthy lifestyle and spine and joint health for families, schools, and businesses. We team with medical clinic practices to make these programs available to patients. weWellcare’s programs include information about healthy nutrition, exercise, and how to build a support network to ensure lasting healthy lifestyle change. weWellcare helps you create a culture of health in your home, your school, and in your workplace. Our programs educate the public on healthy living to foster community wellness, lessening overall healthcare costs. Contact us now for more information.


weWellcare has a core mission to perform and further research that enhances our knowledge of how healthy nutrition, exercise, and environments of love and support prevent chronic disease and keep us healthy. Primary areas of research include children’s health, aging, heart health, and diabetes and cancer prevention. Your support and investment in weWellcare help make this research possible. Donate now.