Give the Gift of Health

weWellcare is a for-purpose 501(c)(3) organization that helps keep you and those you care about healthy so you can enjoy more of life together.  100% of online donations go to weWellcare programs.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity can cut years off your life, reducing the time you have to spend with those you love.

Our Solution – HealthCircles™

HealthCircles™ are “cultures of health”, the secret to ensuring health and wellbeing for you and the people you care about – your family, your students, and the folks you work with.

HealthCircles™ help you eat well, have fun with physical activity, and experience the love and support that ensure your success.

weWellcare offers HealthCircles™ programs and resources to families, schools, businesses, and to medical providers interested in offering preventive healthcare solutions to patients. 


Nutrition is vital to good health. By making simple changes in your diet and exercise activity, 80% of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes cases can be prevented; 40% of cancer cases can be prevented. weWellcare provides resources for individuals, families, schools and businesses that show you how to eat a healthy diet, and involve your family, group or work team in creating a culture of healthy nutrition that will help keep you and those you care about heathy for life.


Exercise activity makes all the difference in the longterm health of your family, your students and your employees. Decreased physical activity in our modern society has contributed to weight gain and associated diseases of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and obesity. weWellcare will help you create a culture of exercise in your home, school, and workplace to halt and reverse chronic disease. Contact us to learn more.

Love & Support

Love and support is at the heart of success in living a healthy lifestyle. weWellcare provides tools to help you work together to create a supportive environment in your family, school, and workplace and be healthier, happier and more productive. Take advantage of our resources to benefit and support you, your family, and your group. Contact weWellcare now.